Applying for Google's Summer of Code program!

Edit 8/19/2014:
I was accepted to the GSoC program. I've written a blog on the process of applying and some general thoughts on how to write a successful application.

Originally submitted on 03/24/2014
I decided today to kill the old PHP page and resurrect something decent in its place. Gone are my days of manually editing HTML to update what amounts to a pseudo-resume and link-farm. Onward to the days of having the awesome power of a corporate grade CMS system to manage my pseudo-resume and link-farm.
I've taken some time recently to apply to Google's Summer of Code open source internship match-making program. They fund a several month period of coding under mentorship for an open source project. While many applicants spend the time to apply to many OSS organizations, I threw all my chips into the Open Bioinformatics Foundation's basket by writing a proposal for Biopython. If I'm selected I'll work on upgraded file parsers for sequence annotation file formats used by geneticists and protein scientists.
The application itself was a bit of work but I'm happy to be simply in the waiting period.


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